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Is This A Zombie? DVD Complete Series (Hyb) Limited Edition

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Reviews of this title:

Anthony Lamudge - May 23 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Can't wait
Been looking forward to this one for awhile, can't wait.

William M. Grimmett - Dec 3 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Not the complete series...
I'm sure fans of this show already know but for those that haven't seen it yet, this is only the first season. There are two completed seasons with hopes for a third on the way.

This show is pure comedy & the laughs keep coming. I really can't wait to add this baby to my collection & I can't wait for them to get season 2 as well.

Mike LV - Feb 6 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Campy, anti-harem, funny w/ a touch of dark, well-written, breath of fresh air.
Animation quality: Good (these days just about everything is good.) Audio quality: Good. OP and EP are well done. Story: Excellent. Mystery, drama, comedy. And romance wanna-be.

This along with The World God Only Knows was on my top list for "new and interesting."

The story gets a bit dark at times, but they writers know to throw in a laugh before it gets too dark. A great story overall.

Cannot wait for the release of the second season in the states.

I'll never look at scrambled eggs the same way again.