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Street Fury

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Street Fury: Blue DVD (D) LiveAction

Buckle up, grab the wheel and let her rip! Street Fury goes deep undercover to reveal the world of the import car scene. We blow the cover off the Hot Import Nights show and expose what really goes on when the lights go down. Hosted by Asia DeMarcos, Street Fury Blue gives you the VIP treatment as you are taken deep into an incredible lifestyle that includes fast cars, sexy girls and thumpin', pumpin' bass lines.

Street Fury: Chrome DVD (D) LiveAction

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the cars and lifestyle that inspired The Fast & The Furious! Hosted by Asia DeMarcos, Street Fury Chrome is your ticket to the races! This episode gives you a first person experience of a real-life street race, looks at all the latest upgrades available to your ride, and lets you meet the people who live the lifestyle of the Fast & The Furious!

Street Fury: Envy DVD (D) LiveAction

Big C rings in the year with a bang! He's showcasing the hottest parts and curviest bodies from this year's Import Evolution. Packed with the latest cars and bikes to the most stunning celebs and models, Envy is a drifter's dream. The longest-running import car series on DVD is not just for members only - Big C is just getting warmed up!

Street Fury: Exposed DVD (D) LiveAction

Street Fury Exposed gives you to the best of Street Fury Chrome, Inferno, Onyx, Ice, and Jade. From club chicks to calendar models, streets to the track, Big C and the cameras were there. Be prepared to travel from coast to coast city to city on one wild ride!

Street Fury: Gold DVD (D) LiveAction

Get up close and personal with top import model Aiko Tanaka. This exclusive front row seat as the gear busting, tire screeching, side swiping underground street race rages straight to the finish line and on to the wild winner celebration parties!

Street Fury: Ice DVD (D) LiveAction

Street Fury ICE. Street Fury's bling bling edition. Big C just can't get enough of hitting the streets bringing you straight to the scene. Travel from Nevada to New York looking for the coolest cars in today's hottest scene. Check out the fastest cars, Mesmerizing models, and import shows and let Big C hook you up with some of the Entertainment industry's coolest folks to show you how they do it BIG.

Street Fury: Jade DVD (D) LiveAction

Street Fury Jade takes us to the place where it all started! You get to see the Tokyo Auto Salon in the heart of Japan and see what's going on in the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market). Then, take a quick trip out to see what's going on in the JDU( Japanese Domestic UNDERGROUND).

Street Fury: Lust DVD (D) LiveAction

Lust is a play on the hearts of the Import Scene, bringing you everything that you love about being part of the culture. Once again doing our best to pull out all the stops and leave no road untouched, we attend the Extreme Auto Fest in Las Vegas, the Creations bikini expo showing you who the new up-and-comers are for this import season.

Street Fury: Onyx DVD (D) LiveAction

Big C's mission to bring you the raw adrenaline rush of the import car scene continues. Onyx is Street Fury's Hard Core Edition. Travel with Big C to Project Live with The Pharacyde, Hyper Fest, and all the wild Parties that you just didn't have time to get to. Linda Tran; Sasha Singleton and the rest of the 2004 Asian Beauty Calendar girls invited Big C to hang out at their Private Shoot.

Street Fury: Red (D) DVD LiveAction

Become acquainted with top Import models, and get the scoop on Import races and shows. Check out the red-line perspective of the real world of Import Cars and the people who make it happen.

Street Fury: Remixed DVD 2 (D) LiveAction

Venture with Big C to the Land of the Drifting Sun to check out some hot overseas action. From the streets of Harajuku to the Tokyo Auto Salon and up the mountains of Osaka, Big C is larger than Godzilla as he stomps through the mean streets of Japan. With days of burning rubber and nights filled with more girls than you can shake a samurai sword at, you better prepare yourself for action that is faster and more furious than you could ever imagine!

Street Fury: Twin Turbos DVD (D) LiveAction

Some like it hot... and Big C ain't no different. The summer of 2005 had some serious sizzle and we were there to film it. On the west side we covered the Extreme Auto Fest in San Francisco. Documenting our road trip to the bay area we've documented all the crazy happenings - tuner style.

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