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Tenjho Tenge

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Tenjho Tenge (Tenjou) Graphic Novel 11

The battle between Soichiro and Mazata on sacred Enmi ground reaches its stunning conclusion! Though Mazata has jettisoned his mechanical arms, he still possesses the even deadlier Dragon Claws. But when the Black Dragon within Soichiro comes out to play, things get ugly!

Tenjho Tenge (Tenjou) Graphic Novel 16

The surprising journey into the past comes to a dramatic conclusion. Then it's back to the present for the highly anticipated Tournament! The long splintered Juken club finally reunites, with only the injured Maya on the sidelines. Will they be able to come together in time to fight as a team and not as just a group of individuals?

Tenjho Tenge (Tenjou) Graphic Novel 17

It's all-out action for the Juken Club as the Tournament finally gets underway. But Masataka may miss out on the competition - a surprise viewing of a private moment between Aya and Madoka keeps him up past his bedtime and he oversleeps the next morning! Without him, the team finds itself trapped by a deadly bowman who attempts to make them miss the opening of the tournament and face disqualification.

Tenjho Tenge (Tenjou) Graphic Novel 18

Those wild and battling kids from the Juken Club are back! Maya lies at death's door and her sister Aya fights to the death against the out-of-control Kibane, master of swords! Bunshichi carries off the comatose Maya and attacks the penthouse stronghold of Mitsuomi. But Mitsuomi's got a surprise of his own in store, and Bunshichi might just come to regret his reckless actions.

Tenjho Tenge (Tenjou) Graphic Novel 2

The action-packed series continues! It's spring break for the students at the Todoh High School, but instead of some much-needed R and R, the Juken Club boys (Nagi, Bob, and Takayanagi) spend their week off training at the Natsume compound under Maya's strict tutelage.

Tenjho Tenge (Tenjou) Graphic Novel 8

To ensure that Shin's tragic fate doesn't repeat itself, Mitsuomi and Maya put aside their differences and go in hot pursuit of Aya, who's stolen the mystical sword Reiki. Later, they make a pact to resolve those differences - through a fight to the finish at the upcoming Imperial Martial Arts Tournament.

Tenjho Tenge CD Soundtrack 1

Tenjho Tenge DVD 3 (Hyb)

The head of the Executive Council has arrived and the Juken Club is in for some major schooling. During this time Aya begins feeling the true power of the Dragon Eye as it compels her to destroy her enemies. This is only the beginning as the age old conflict between Maya of the Juken Club and Mitsuomi of the Executive Council is brought to light.

Tenjho Tenge DVD 4 (Hyb)

Shin Natsume is Maya's older brother and leader of the motorcycle gang Katana. However, there is someone taking out their members. Bunshichi and Mitsuomi seek out the culprit and are surprised with what they find. In the end Bunshicihi will find himself pitted against the most powerful fighter he has ever witnessed.

Tenjho Tenge DVD 5 (Hyb)

After the bloody fight between Shin and Bunshichi, the Katana gang breaks up and Mitsuomi's life is forever changed. Back to the present, the Juken club's resolve has grown ever stronger with Maya's story - a much needed source of strength when the entire school targets the club after their incident with the Executive Council. But another bomb is dropped when Maya receives a severe sentence by the school.

Tenjho Tenge DVD 6 (Hyb)

After Maya's dismissal from school, Souichiro and Bob also submit their resignation from school in protest. Meanwhile, Aya disappears with the Shin's cursed sword, the Choukto-reiki. With Dragon's Eye growing hold over Aya along with Shin's sword, both Maya and Mitsuomi fear that history will repeat itself and Aya will continue the path of blood that her older brother started in the past.

Tenjho Tenge DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

Souichiro and Bob want to rule their new school, but just as they begin cracking heads, their plan is shot to hell. First there's the Natsume sisters and their Juuken Club. If the older sister, Maya, isn't kicking their butts, then the younger sister, Aya, is trying to force feed Souichiro and make him her husband!

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