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Rozen Maiden DVD 1 (Hyb): Doll House

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Reviews of this title:

Jethoniel A. Pingol - Mar 5 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
One of the greatest shows in a long time!
I initially bought this anime series mainly because I saw a preview of it in a magazine-about a boy finding a doll. It turns out there are a lot more to it than appearance. Rozen Maiden, simply put, is all-around perfect. The story is captivating: As the characters progress, the protagonist slowly conquers his inner fears because of the dolls who face their own struggles. Seeing them fight for their own survival makes Jun, the hero of the story, reflect upon how his troubles compare to the dolls'. The animation is nothing short of stellar! The studio who made the show obviously put a lot of effort into it; no awkward moments that sometimes bog down other series, and the characters are always moving. The Japanese voice acting is also top-notch, and although the English dub might be questionable, you will quickly get over it when you watch the first few episodes. When it comes to music, Rozen Maiden also delivers: The soundtracks are beautifully orchestrated, using a variety of instruments to create mellow, and sometimes strong, music that complement the mood perfectly. If you are new to fantasy/comedy anime, this is a great title to pick up and get serious about. Since Geneon(the U.S. licensor of the show) is dissolved, I highly suggest you get them as soon as possible. Because once all the official DVDs are gone, there will be no way to obtain a copy. The show is perfectly described in RightStuf's Fall 2007 catalog: Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, Rozen Maiden is great all the way to the end!