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Absolute Boyfriend Graphic Novel 1

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Reviews of this title:

Lor O. Tress - Jan 4 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
It's not what it looks like...
I loved this Manga! At first I saw it in Shojo beat, and really wanted to read the rest. I was hesetant at first because I though my parents would think the wrong thing based on the cover of volume one, but I bought it anyway and hid it well. Am I glad I did! I buy them the moment they come out, now, and read them in no time! My only reason to subscribe to Shojo Beat.

Pam P - Jan 14 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
This may be my favorite manga. It's short but has a great love story. It's so cute and a real tearjerker(for me anyway). I've re-read it many times :P The books came in great condition and the art is just fine.

<3 <3 <3