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Maison Ikkoku Graphic Novel 14 (2nd Ed)

As if becoming a part-time babysitter at a strip club wasn't bad enough, struggling student Godai up and moves in there - basically because it's the only place where he can study in peace. Compared to the drunken din of Maison Ikkoku, bunking at the strip club feels like a retreat to the local monastery.

Back at the drunk tank (i.e. Ikkoku), with Godai out of the way the stage is now set for Coach Mitaka to make his final play for the beautiful widow Kyoko Otonashi, but a pregnancy-scare with his (almost) bride-to-be Asuna may force his hand. Will his years of wanton wooing finally win him Kyoko's eternal affections, or will he settle for a lifetime of marital-bliss with the patrician-yet-independently wealthy Asuna?

Story and art by Rumiko Takahashi.


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