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Reviews of this title:

G c - Mar 3 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
a must have for poeple that buy alot
i bought it and already i save 6.50 in order to get your money back you must spend $120.00 a year or buy something for $10.00 a month if you spend more then that it just saving so is a must buy so buy now buy buy......

benjamin H. Burndorfer - Oct 26 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
A great anime Savings card
my friends literally call me the Anime Librarian, cause I own over 160 full complete series(bought and paid for). My first order That I got with the membership was a little over $300 so I ultimately didn't have to pay for the member ship and saved about $20 on the order, as well I know that RightStuf! from experience carries any Item your looking to purchase, so why not save on those rare trinkets, limited editions, blue-ray/DVDs, costumes, figurines, and autographed posters.

C W - Jan 10 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
Must Have Membership
I certainly spend more than $120.00 in 1 year so this membership pays for itself easily. Everything after that is pure savings. If this is you then you need to have this membership. I've been purchasing Anime from RightStuf for 10+ years. They know Anime & have the largest catalog for it.

Christopher L. Milligan - Jan 22 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
A great value for frequent buyers!
I'm entering my third year as a Got Anime? Member, and in each year it hasn't taken long for it to pay for itself. I'm able to save money whenever I purchase anime DVDs/Blu-rays or manga volumes. If you've made your main source for anime, then getting a Got Anime? Membership should be a given!