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Orange Crows Graphic Novel

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Reviews of this title:

Chris McCord - Jan 7 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
I really love this story!
The art is similar to Tweeny Witches and is, in my opinion, consistently good throughout. Even better is the story, though. I really enjoyed this one and was so disappointed when I found out that subsequent volumes went the way of Tokyo Pop. :(

But if you want the second volume, you can go straight to the creator's Facebook page. Just search for Orange Crows and you'll find it easily!

Jakob Asbury - Jun 4 2014
Rating: Pretty good!
Magic!, Magic! and Wings?
Whenever there is something that Magic can help you with it will help you out all you have to do is study and when worse comes to worse get Exiled. Legends will be told about your dark side.