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Welcome to the NHK DVD 2 (Hyb): 2nd Conspiracy + Artbox

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Reviews of this title:

Otaku Review - Aug 10 2008
Rating: Pretty good!
Ah, Now I'm Getting It
While the characters and story have yet to win me over, the pace at which they are moving forward is hard to ignore. While the comedy rarely made me laugh out loud, I did get enough chuckles from the writing to be interested in exploring more. I’m not enthusiastic about this series but so far it hasn’t shown any reason not to move forward with it. This is really coming across as a series that won’t be for everyone though and casual anime fans will probably get lost in all the cultural references. Make this one a rental.

Eric J. Mueller - Feb 17 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
This series is Excellent!
This series is Excellent!!! It is only the 2nd anime series I have ever seen that actually has a happy ending! It ranks equally with Maison Ikkoku as a great romance series about a guy who is a total loser