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Now You Know: Unauthorized Guide to GI Joe TV Series and Comics (Book)

The 1980s: a world of Cold War tensions, Reaganomics, Madonna and MTV. In the midst of this raucous setting, a team of modern-day, tank-driving Arthurian knights lock and load against a terrorist organization determined to take over the world, as well as rip apart our moral fabric with pyramid sales schemes and mind-numbing sitcoms.

Through every triumph and tragedy, each war wound and victory purchased with patriotic blood, "Now You Know" dissects the ways in which G.I. Joe: America’s elite fighting force clashed with the forces of darkness, not to mention communists, ninjas and giant vegetables.

This Book features: Story summaries, reviews, top ten lists and a heap of humorous categories on more than 100 G.I. JOE TV episodes, Full coverage of all G.I. JOE comic series, past and present, and complete toy price guide and fact-filled appendices.

From the Hard Mater’s murder to the Cobra Civil War, from Snake-Eyes’ origin to the battle for a parallel Cobra-dominated Earth, this guide covers "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" down to the last detail. Whether you’re a die-hard Joe fanatic or a new recruit, "Now You Know" is your one-stop shop for "G.I. Joe" info!

TV: SUNBOW (1983-1987)
TV: DIC (1989-1991)
Marvel Comics (1982-1994)
Image Comics (2001-2002)
Action Force (1987-1988)
European Missions (1988-1989)


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