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Someday's Dreamers II Sora DVD Complete Collection (S)

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Reviews of this title:

John A. Callahan - Apr 3 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Sora will steal your heart!
This story takes place in the same alternative world as the first Someday's Dreamers series, but it is a completely different cast. Suzuki Sora is a 16 year old girl from Hokkaido who comes to Tokyo for her mage apprenticeship (like Yume in the first series). She is very talented, but her mage actions are special because of her connection to the heart of her clients. Sora is caring and sincere and so sweet - you will love her without doubt. Her classmates are various and interesting and realistic. There's a special guy and young love. There's a street singer. There's the relaxed boarding house. There is the beautiful but stern classroom instructor and the laid back mentor. There's just so much to like! Be warned, however, that the story takes a turn toward the very sad but ends bittersweetly and touchingly - it seems completely appropriate. The music is lovely and the photo background effects are very nicely included. I loved the first series, but I think I love this one just a little bit more. I hope you enjoy them both as much as I did.