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Popeye the Sailor DVD Set 1 (D) (1933-1938)

Animated Popeye plot lines tend to be simple. A villain, usually Bluto, makes a move on Popeye's "sweetie," Olive Oyl. The bad guy then clobbers Popeye until Popeye eats spinach, which gives him superhuman strength. The fundamental character of Popeye, paralleling that of another 1930's icon, Superman, also invokes traditional values possessing uncompromising moral standards and resorting to force only when threatened, or when he "can't stands no more"!

This first volume includes 58 7-10 minute theatrical black & white shorts from 1933 to 1938 and 2 two-reeler 20-minute color cartoons.

DVD Features: Episode Commentaries for Select Episodes, "Let's Sing with Popeye," "Popular Science," "Max Fleischer and the New York Style," "I Yam What I Am: The Story of Popeye the Sailor Man," "The Evolution of Animation: The History of the Fleischer Studios," Behind the Tunes, Music/Vocal Only Tracks for Select Episodes, "Poor Cinderella," "Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy," "Superman" (1941).

Spoken Languages: English.


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