Robotech Masters DVD Box 2 (D) w/extras

Legacy Collection 5 is a 3-disc collection that includes:

Robotech 9: Robotech Masters: Counter Attack
The Robotech Defense Forces plan an all-out counter attack against the Robotech Masters. The hope is to catch the invaders off guard and achieve victory before the Earth is destroyed. The RDF finds an ally in Zor, a captured enemy pilot who turns out to be an important piece of the puzzle behind the secrets of Robotechnology. An intimate chapter in the Robotech Saga - one of the most popular and longest running animated science fiction serials of all time.

Robotech 10: Robotech Masters: The Final Solution
Victory in the 2nd Robotech War will be decided, not by superior strength, but rather by a willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice. Once the secrets of protoculture are revealed, the tough decisions that must be made, on both sides, will ultimately determine the fate of two civilizations. The manner in which the various characters choose to accept their fate forms a dramatic backdrop to the powerful conclusion of the second act of the epic, multi-generational Robotech Saga.

Robotech Bonus Disc
Highlights on this latest collector's volume are the never-before-seen English-language pilot for episode #1 of Macross - a pre-Robotech version of this classic TV episode (featuring scenes cut from episode #1 of Robotech) along with a promotional music video, preview trailer and pre-production art (including original storyboards and an "animatic" sequence) from the rarely seen Robotech theatrical feature; plus Robotech International, featuring clips from the series played in multiple languages; rare pre-production art from unproduced sections "Robotech II: The Sentinels" and the Japanese anime series "Southern Cross" (known here as The Robotech Masters), including character and mecha designs.

Spoken Languages: English.

  • Format - Dubbed in English

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