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Princess Ai Graphic Novel 1

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Reviews of this title:

Nu . - Nov 12 2006
Rating: This sucked!
MarySue Alert
Nu's Thoughts: Before i say anything about the actual graphic novel, let me explain the phrase MarySue. MarySue is a commonly used phrase in fandoms where an author has made herself the main character and that character becomes everything the author believes they are or wishes they were.

This manga is Courtney Love's MarySue.

Princess Ai (Ai meaning Love in Japanese so there's no pretense of who this is suppose to be) ends up in modern day Tokyo with little memory of who she is where she proceeds to sing with a busker, get a job singing her new age rock in a strip joint and from there become a rock queen. She also meets a nice boy who rescues kittens and has a stereotypical gay roommate who wants to shag him.

Honestly the only nice thing i can say about this 'manga' is that the artwork is utterly gorgeous. It has a very wispy feel to the artwork and it really is quite stunning. It's just a pity I can't stand the story.

Best Aspect: the art is utterly gorgeous

Worst Aspect: everything else

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Rating: 1 out of 10