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Clannad: The Motion Picture DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Chris Caron - Dec 26 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
Big Dango Family: The Movie
Alternate retelling of Sentai Filmworks best ever anime, Clannad. Made by Toei Animation creators of Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and One piece. The TV series Clannad and Clannad After Story is made by Kyoto Animation creators of Kanon, Air TV, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Jeff Brenton - Dec 28 2010
Rating: "Okay."
Good as a stand-alone, but not as good as the series
How do you condense 48 episodes of a complex series into 95 minutes? By throwing away a lot of what made the series what it was.

When I watched this movie version of Clannad, I couldn't sit through it all at once, because it conflicted with the series too much - my mind could only take so much at one sitting. The personalities of many characters is radically different, including the two lead characters. Characters that were secondary in the series move to supporting in the movie, and supporting characters are now cameos.

The series has an ongoing dream sequence that ties so much of it together; the dream sequence in the movie has all the subtly of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in Terminator.

If you love the Clannad series, be aware that this is NOT an extension of the series, but a retelling of it. If you have never seen the series, it will probably appeal to you more than if you have... which was probably the intent of the studio.

J Green - Mar 11 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Alternate retelling of the tv series.
Be aware that this is the "readers's digest" version of the tv series. It leaves out 80% of the characters and concentrates on the romance between Nagisa and Tomoyo, it has a sad ending as opposed to the series which has a more pleasent ending. The characters have a different design-not better-just different. When you take a 48 episode series and condense it down to 1 1/2 hours a lot of stuff gets relegated to the cutting room floor. This is to Clannad what the Air movie was to Air.

Jamal Clark - Mar 14 2011
Rating: "Okay."
More of a Summary
Clannad the Movie came out before Clannad the series. So the animation quality is not as good and the dialogue seems to lack at times. As so you can see that the movie is a little awkward at times and just seems to serve as a blueprint for the animated series. Altho there are similarities between the movie and the series, being Tomoya falls in love with Nagisa. However the way he falls in love with her ends up to be different than in the series. I would recommend the movie to anybody who loves the Clannad series, but don't expect too much out of the movie. Its an interesting watch.

Michael M - Mar 24 2011
Rating: "Okay."
Not the series...
The short review: No Fuko.

The long review:

Art: Very good. The artwork is decent for a movie, which is to say above average compared to tv series. The style is quite a bit different than the tv series.

Music: Some tunes will be familiar to you, some will be new.

Story: Clannad and Clannad After Story are not something that can be compressed into 90 minutes. Far, far too much of the story was lost.

Of the few character who survived to have a part in the movie, well let's just stay there were some changes to the characters...Sunohara turns into a raving psycho, albeit still in a humorous fashion. Between his ravings and an oddly larger role played by Tomoya's father, and the vast void where the rest of the characters once were the whole experience left me with a rather hollow feeling.

The story of the world that ended also drastically changed. Instead of the teddy-bear robot, we have an articulated man-sized clown. I found the new version a bit disturbing.

If you are into all things Clannad, still worth watching...if you a recap that is true to the original I cannot really recommend it.

Jeff R. Myers - Apr 14 2011
Rating: "Okay."
Clannad: The Motion Picture
To be completely honest, I was really looking for ward to this motion picture before it was released. With that being said, Clannad is a gorgeous anime consisting of beautiful characters, each owning a very unique personality. However, the motion picture put a bad taste in my mouth, especially after watching the series. There were huge character differences in the movie as opposed to the actual anime. In the anime, Tomoyo is aggressive and sarcastic, she was also seen to be like an outcast or rebel. However, the movie plays her off to be as 'goody goody' type and doesn't really express that true, aggressive energy that should be normal for Tomoyo. Kyou and Tomoyo didn't like each other in the anime, however the movie flip-flops her attitude towards her completely. The movie also shows Kotomi once (quick cameo). Overall, this movie was a little disappointing, but Clannad nevertheless. The anime is so much better though.


Justin A. Hylton - Apr 15 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Great Movie!!!!
I love the show and the movie was great. If you love the anime you will love the movie too. Clannad is my favortie anime series of all time.

Brandon Richard - Nov 29 2011
Rating: "Okay."
Not bad but not what I expected.
This was not that good of a movie. It's like the series a little bit but most of the main characters were not in the movie like: Mei, Kotomi, and Ryou were absent. I didn't like the English script and the animation was like a Lupin the 3rd story. All in all its not that good of a film but funny when Sunohara is an idiot. Rating from me: 3/5

Robert Manno - Dec 26 2012
Rating: Not all that good.
Clannad this is not
I picked this up during the recent sale since it was cheap. If I would have purchased this full price I would have been seriously dissapointed with this title.

I have seen both Clannad, and After Story and in the simplest sense this is a mashup of the Clannad Story very heavily edited for time, changes to key characters and the outright deletion of other characters. The timing seems to be off and the story does not flow smoothly, and to be blunt where and how they end this movie was pretty bad.

I couldn't recommend this title to anyone, to those not familiar with Clannad, this will leave them scratching their heads. And to those like me that are very familiar with Clannad and Key titles in general will be left with a bitter disappointment.

Ross B. Cooper - Oct 23 2013
Rating: Not all that good.
Not Good at All
This movie was made before Clannad and Clannad After Story. If you are looking for something that you will enjoy since you enjoyed Clannad DO NOT BUY THIS it has many differences and goes over every episode in Clannad except skips over the majority or has differences since its only 95 minutes vs the 23 episodes.