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DNAngel Graphic Novel 1 (D.N.Angel)

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Reviews of this title:

Jessica A. Aguraska - Jul 14 2006
Rating: Wonderful!
Why I liked this book
Wow! Super-good! I couldn't put the book down! This series is full of love, mischief, and super cute guys! If you love fantasy and romance, or just want a good read, this is the book for you! And guys, I think you would like this too. Out of all the graphic novels I've read, this comes out on top!

Punk Anarchist - Dec 20 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
Fantasy, Romance and Adventure!
DNAngel has got to be one of the best manga! It has wonderful characters, a great plot, and adventure! To some, this may seem like a shojo, but its also got elemnts of shonen in it as well, in other words, guys and gals will both like this, despite the fact that it is rather romantic, but its a good kind of romantic, reall cute and rather innocent. If you're looking for a good manga, I recommend this one. Also note that DNAngel is from the same creator as Candidate for Goddess. In my opinion though, DNAngel is better than Candidate for Goddess.