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Onmyoji: The Yin Yang Master DVD (Hyb) LiveAction Special Edition

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Reviews of this title:

Joseph P. Elacqua - Aug 13 2003
Rating: Wonderful!
Onmyouji is the best live-action movie EVER!
OK. Those of you who are fans of Tokyo Babylon, Doomed Megalopolis, X, or even Yami no Matsuei (I refuse to call it DoD) or Phantom Quest Corps, MUST see this immediately. I just need to say it's the best live-action movie I've ever seen. For anyone who doesn't know already, it's about Masters of the art of Yin-Yang Magic in Heian Japan. For those who have seen Tokyo Babylon and X, the main character in this movie is Subaru's distant ancestor, and is a historical and mythological figure.

Now, on to what I thought about the movie. Well, some of the effects could've been better in the beginning, but they saved their budget for the effects at the end, so I thought that was cool. Either way, the movie was only bested in Japan's version of the Academy Awards by Miyazaki's Spirited Away, so that alone shows how awesome it is.

I downloaded this movie way back when it came out on video in Japan, thinking it would never come here. I watched it at least 15 times unsubtitled, when my knowledge of Japanese was next to zero. Finally, I chanced to find a Hong Kong subtitled bootleg VHS, which I got for the purposes of understanding the plot (and therefore watched it another 10 times). Later, when I realized Pioneer had bought the rights to it, I was amazed! Pioneer is quite possibly THE BEST anime licensing/subbing company ever (with RightStuf right on their tail, and no one else comes close). Anyways, when I heard Pioneed was releasing the movie in four theatres nationwide for one week, my friend and I, during finals week, drove almost SIX HOURS to see this movie in theatres and drove back the same day. It was soooo worth it. Then, of course, last week was Otakon, in which they showed it on the 35mm screen (which was approzimately the 30th time I had seen it). After that, I bought my copy at Otakon and have been severly pleased with both it and Pioneer!

The ONLY thing Pioneer could've done to make it better was to spell Onmyouji either like I do (with the 'u') or with a line over the last 'o' to indicate it's a long vowel. However, they spelt it 'Onmyoji' in X as well, so I was expecting it to be that way. Either way, it's better than in Tokyo Babylon when CPM (^%*&$# them) translated it as "medium."

So yeah. Buy it now! I bought the DVD at Otakon and it all works great!

Hervey Taylor - Aug 21 2003
Rating: Wonderful!
Great live Japanese movie! Good actors and good Plot
I just want to say, this movie is good. I watched it in Japan nearly 1 1/2 year ago at the theater. I couldn't understand any Japanese. But then it came out on DVD in Japan with English subtitles. I have a region 2 player. But now, thank God Pioneer brought this to the states. Now it will get good exposure. Many can see the beauty of this movie. It is a joy! So, those of you who enjoy good live Japanese movies should check this out. It is not anything like Godzilla or Gamera. If that what you're afraid of, there's no need to worry. (but Godzilla and Gamera are good too.) Anyway, pick this title up. Onmyouji 2 hit's Japan this year of 2003. I doubt I can see it. But I'll be delighted when it comes to DVD. Thanks pioneer!!