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Princess Jellyfish DVD/Blu-ray Complete Series (Hyb) Limited Edition

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Reviews of this title:

Candy R. Fleck - Feb 14 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Wow Wonderful
Usually when I see trailers or brief snippets of something I can tell off the bat whether I'll like it or not. This one I preordered knowing I'd like it but how much I did not know.

Let me tell you it's one of the most wonderful female otaku series to come state side! When it advertises as one of the best anime of 2010 I don't believe they're lying.

This series is driven by a cast of wonderful characters NOT fan service and gimmicks (though later on the one woman does add a LITTLE fan service to it). You grow to know each of them and by the end of the short 11 episodes I was wishing there was more and rooting for all of them.

Each of them may have they're own little quirks but I found them all very endearing by the end of it and wishing I could live there.

Special features include two episode commentaries and quite a few shorts besides the usual clean opening and closing. I bought the LE so I also got an nice chipboard box and packaging with mine (along with the clara jellyfish keychain which is really cute btw).

If you like anime driven by stories, that you could almost see as neighbors or friends, that is all story story story then this is the series for you! People who like Princess Tutu and I could almost say Maria watches over us (though this is a bit more silly then Maria) will find themselves very much at home watching this.

Thank you Funimation for bringing this over. I'm not regretting my purchase in the slightest! And thank you rightstuf for shipping stuff out early!

Vernon E. Parker - Aug 28 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Heart Warming
This is the story of a group of young women who just do not fit into mainstream society that live together in an apartment building in one of the prefectures of Tokyo. The story mostly follows the young lady Tsukimi Kurashita who by chance one day meets Kuranosuke Koibuchi, a cross dressing boy who happens to be the son of a influential politician, while she is at a pet store admiring jellyfish. The story follows the development of their friendship as she slowly comes out of her shell socially with lots of wanted and unwanted assistance from Kuranosuke as he basically forces himself into her life (and the lives of the other tenants) all the while maintaining his true gender a secret from the other girls and helping them keep their home which is in danger of being sold and demolished. There is lots of humor in this series and the musical score, even the disk menu, is amazing and the visuals are excellent. The extras from this series are also quite excellent, especially the behinds the scenes inspiration with the female japanese cast while on a field trip to a jellyfish aquarium.

J Green - Feb 24 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
Great Show-GIRL POWER!!
This is a great little show-excellent characters, good story. My only problem is that there's so little of it-only 11 episodes. It needs at least 24 or 26 episodes to fully tell it's story.