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Rosario+Vampire Graphic Novel 2

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Daniel Smith - Aug 9 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
Human plus Monster School equals... Hickeys?
Plenty has happened to our hero Tsukune Aono since the beginning of the first manga. First he finds out that the new school he's attending is full of monsters... then he finds out that a girl he has the hots for is a vampire...

Most folks would consider running away... However not Tsukune.

In the second installment of Rosario + Vampire, we get to see more of our characters, plus we get a new Chiyo-Chan'ish character who's... well... Chiyo-Chan'ish.

The action sequences are very nice, if not close to the same as they were in the first manga. However, we do get to see relationships being formed on an advanced level. While this may seem a little too fast, we see foreshadowing of an epic 3rd volume that's going to promise a new dimension to the whole monster school. ... Not literally... It does have the potential to take everything and flip it on it's head though.

October can't come fast enough...

The Likes : We get to see some of the characters branch out & show a little growth. I also like how our primary couple seem to be getting even tighter.

The Dislikes : Nothing in this volume.

The Huh? : The news paper editor needs to be... "fixed." ... Or at least splashed with a cold bucket of ice water many... many times.