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Helldriver DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

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Reviews of this title:

Jesse L. Blackley - Nov 7 2011
Rating: "Okay."
Strangest zombie movie ive ever seen...
I saw this movie prior to its home media release during its Australian debut at the Brisbane International Film Festival, and went away from it not quite sure what I had just watched.

This movie is a typical example of a story with alot of potential that starts out in the right direction, but gets lost midway. Instead of sticking with the themes it establishes for itself to tell a proper story, the film instead opts to go down the 'cheap entertainment' route by throwing in as much blood (4 tonnes, according to the director in his post film FAQ) and ridiculousness as possible, which results in a very messy second half (the first half didn't make much sense either, but...).

If your just after some disposable entertainment that you aren't intending to take seriously and don't really mind if the film your watching has low production values, then you will enjoy this movie. If your looking for a good film with good storytelling, this one is not for you.