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Idol Project DVD 1 (Hyb): Starland Festival

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Heather R. Menzel - Nov 23 2002
Rating: Wonderful!
Hard-to-find Anime Finally Available! Woo hoo! ^_^V
I'm so thrilled Idol Project is finally going to be available! This is my favorite anime and I'm not quite sure why. There are so many excellent animes out there, but this one has outshined the others for me. Is it the hyper, fun theme songs? The amazingly kawaii and sexy characters? The hilarious antics? The clever, unique attributes the girls all have? The sparkly, colorful visuals throughout the anime? There's even a hint of ecchi-ness, which is always fun (IMO). ^_~* I'm pre-ordering this title right away! If you like cute, wacky, sexy, pretty animes, you are going to fall in love with Idol Project, just like I did. Five stars and a rainbow! ^_^V!