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DVD Graphic Novel 1

Ddam Shim is not having a good year. She failed to enter the specialized university for prosecutors, so she's studying to re-take the exam and living in a dorm room that's no bigger than a bathroom. Of course bad things always come in three's - the final straw that broke Ddam's back was getting dumped by her boyfriend on their date.

His reason for the breakup? Well... aside from her not getting into university, he's not too happy about her hallucinations. Sure - Ddam sees grape vines growing from ceilings and flowers drifting about in the air, but so what? Who doesn't? It's only natural if you've got an active imagination...

Alas, the breakup pushes Ddam over the edge, and she decides to kill herself. But! Not before she makes the last day of her life count! So she dresses up, calls the number on her padded bra, heads out to the club to meet up with the guys from the number - and at the end of the evening, she's wondering how she ended up... as their roommate...?

Story and art by Kye Young Chon.


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