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Toward the Terra DVD Complete Collection (S) - Anime Legends

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Carolyn Thomas - Jan 2 2010
Rating: Pretty good!
Great sci-fi series, a must see
Sci-fi and Shojo are two genres that rarely mix, but when they do, the result is almost always something unique, original, and engaging that usually involves psychics to some degree. Toward the Terra has all of this and does it well. This 2007 series was based on a late 70s manga that had already gotten a movie of it made in the 80s, so one might expect the whole thing to feel stretched out given that neither of the other versions are particularly long, but the story really doesn't feel either rushed or stretched. It moves at a blistering pace to be sure and something is always happening to further the plot, but it never feels too fast either. My one complaint is with some of the characters who don't feel like they get developed as much as they should be or that they get developed off screen, but the story, setting, music, and interesting character interactions more than make up for it. My one major complaint is that this is one of the victims of the wave of sub-only releases. The subs are still good and are legible without being too big or long, but I wish Bandai would get back to dubbing things. The manga that the series is based off of is a shonen, but this series still feel more sci-fi shojo to me.