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Peach Girl

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Peach Girl DVD 1 (Hyb)

Momo Adachi, a high school teen, is best known for her tan skin and bleached hair. Misjudged by her classmates as a wild party girl, Momo is a modest, lonely girl, who only has dark skin and bleached hair as a result of her long hours of dedication on the swim team. Struggling to fit into her new school, Momo finds herself befriended by a backstabber, pursued by a playboy, and seemingly unable to catch the eye of the guy she's crushed on for years.

Peach Girl DVD 3 (Hyb)

Field trips and flings from the past! Now that Sae's been exposed for what she really is, things look like they should calm down for just a bit. But when a silly prank goes too far, the stakes in this game rise ever higher. And when the wild card is played, it looks like Sae has the winning hand.

Peach Girl DVD 5 (Hyb)

Kisses and chaos! With the world in a tailspin and her heart set on a crash course, Momo's out of options. So when Sae steps up offering advice and assistance, things must be dire indeed. During a summer job and a break from the romance, Momo seeks answers in the solace and the surf.

Peach Girl DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - S.A.V.E. Edition

Being the new girl at school is never easy - just ask Momo Adachi. With her golden hair and tan, toned body, you would think she'd have a pretty easy time of it, but when your "best friend" spends most of her day trying to show you up, going after anything you want, you can't be too careful... What will happen if Sae finds out about Momo's longtime crush on Toji? Will she have to have him as well? And when a lecherous playboy from Momo's past shows a new-found interest in her, things get even more confusing.

Peach Girl Graphic Novel 2 (2nd Ed)

How low will Sae go? Not only is she a copycat and a leech, she's quickly turning everyone against Momo to make herself look good! Throw the school playboy Kiley into the mix, and Momo's world will never be the same! Will she ever be with the boy of her dreams? The backstabbing never ends, and with a friend like Sae, Momo has more than her fair share of enemies!

Peach Girl Graphic Novel Complete Box Set 2 (5-8) Limited Edition

Sae, the world's worst "best friend," is back with a vengeance. Now that Momo and Toji are finally happy together, Sae will do whatever it takes to break them up, and her latest scheme is her nastiest ever. For Momo's birthday Toji made plans for he and Momo to have a special night alone. But if Sae gets her way, she'll be the one kissing Toji, not Momo!

Peach Girl Series 2: Change of Heart Graphic Novel 1

Momo's romantic escapades continue as she begins a new relationship with a new boyfriend. And, while they are living it up, Momo's sworn enemy plots to break up the happy couple.

Peach Girl Series 2: Change of Heart Graphic Novel 2

Momo overhears Kiley and Morika talking about a hotel rendezvous, and is devastated - this turns out to be only the first in a series of devilish misunderstandings.

Peach Girl Series 2: Change of Heart Graphic Novel 4

Momo realizes that Kiley is still in love with Misao, and that it's a very real possibility that they might have to end their relationship for good. While Momo swims out her frustrations in the pool, Kiley arrives to talk things out and admits he's torn. Although he cares deeply for Momo, the memories he has of his time with Misao are also very strong.

Peach Girl Series 2: Change of Heart Graphic Novel 6

Kiley takes a trip alone to clear his head after he achieves some closure in his relationship with Misao. Meanwhile, Toji takes Kiley's place at work, and he begins to talk openly with Momo for the first time in a long time. Is he interested in getting back together with his former flame if Kiley doesn't come back?

Peach Girl Series 2: Change of Heart Graphic Novel 7

Momo is thrilled that she finally gets to see Kiley again. But to Momo's great dismay, not only does he break their appointment, but she sees him getting into a car with Misao as well! And has Toji given up on his Momo?

Peach Girl Series 2: Change of Heart Graphic Novel 8

To everyone's surprise, Momo shows up with Toji instead of Kiley on the first day of school. Kiley pretends to be cool about everything while Toji plays the ultimate 'understanding boyfriend' role to the hilt.

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