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Hyper Doll DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Frederic Vinhage - Feb 9 2001
Rating: Pretty good!
Fun series, too bad they only made the two.
Fun to watch, good in both sub and dub. Kinda of a Moldiver level power meets dirty pair. Only bad point is only 1 hour of play they never really get the character interaction well developed.....

Frey S. Wayland - Jun 19 2007
Rating: "Okay."
Not bad
I'd read some bad reviews about this, but I was pleasantly surprised. Mica and Mew are, well, imagine the Dirty Pair if they had super powers, lived on present-day Earth, and were undercover as high school students. That's the Hyper Doll duo. The parallels are pretty obvious, the love-hate relationship between the two, the skimpy outfits, and the collatoral damage. There's even a reference to the name "Lovely Angels." Hyper Doll adds in a regular high school boy who knows their secret, and his friend since childhood who might just be a love interest. I do wish they'd made more episodes, and taken the story further along. My one complaint is that you feel like you're entering the series in the middle. Their arrival on Earth is never seen, the discovery of their identity is treated only in flashback (and looks like it would have been worthy of an episode all by itself), and the villian is never given an introduction, he's just there, doing villiany. There's this feeling that there were previous episodes that you missed, although, of course these are the only two. Maybe they were planning on doing a flashback episode; sadly, we'll never know. Worth the time, worth the price.

Lawrence M. Wise - Nov 21 2007
Rating: "Okay."
Yup! The 'Dolls' ARE 'The '90s'!
It was probably a 'Superhero/Superheroine' FIRST (and I don't think ANYBODY really caught on to the big JOKE!):

The Hyper-Dolls are (hold onto your Pochi!!)100% 1990's Gen-X SLACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

They're lazy, perpetually hungry, petty with each other, always driving their poor human 'watcher' NUTS, LAZY, party-hardy Ko-Girls to the Nth Degree.....

...oh yea; they also happen to be a pair of hot-n-sexy android superheroines who do MORE 'collateral damage' in the line-of-duty than their (equally dim-bulb) villainous enemies (I mean, like, were talking a 'jellyfish', 'earthworm', and a frustrated 'locust' who regrets NOT having 'speaking parts'?!?!).

There are only TWO episodes to this OAV (not counting the Live Action/Ultraman-inspired 'Monster', and another one featuring the 'dolls' at home).

FINAL VERDICT: About 3 out 5 Ryo-Ohkis--- mainly because when the Hyper-Dolls transform and go into action, they are more fun than watching a classic "BATMAN" Episode (the ADAM WEST version, kiddies!).