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Japan: An Invitation (Raymond Furse)

With stunning photography and lucid prose, Japan: An Invitation invites readers to better acquaint themselves with one of the world's most fascinating countries. Over 130 color photographs reveal Japan's many different facets: the quiet of a neighborhood shop and the frenzy of a crowded festival, the ornateness of an ancient shrine and the simplicity of a terraced field, the energy of judo and the repose of Noh, schoolboys in baseball uniforms and kimono-clad geisha. The variety of Japan is kaleidoscopic, and the photographers featured here have captured its many shapes and hues.

Accompanying the photography is text that also covers a wide range of topics, from Tokyo and the former capitals of Kyoto and Nara, to Buddhism and Shinto, language, landscape and more. The eight chapters and additional features are an extensive overview of the history and culture of Japan.

Written by Raymond Furse and Photographed by Michael H. Armacost.


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