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Nuku Nuku TV DVD 1 (Hyb): Keep the Peace on Earth!

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Reviews of this title:

Vincent Ackerman - Oct 4 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
This is a great comedy of a series
Nuku Nuku TV Series is a great spin off of the OVA. That is if you like comedies were they don’t take them selves very seriously. In a world where Mishima Corp is trying to take over the world with home appliances, that turn in to robots. There are a few small changes form the OVA to the TV series. The big one is that Ryunosuke’s Mom and Dad live together. So it makes for some good fun to watch all 4 live under the same roof. Also on a side note how can not like anything that Megumi Hayashibara (Nuku Nuku, Lime, Lina….) is in. For me it was money well spent.