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Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan DVD (Hyb) Special Edition

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Chris Bennett - Mar 1 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Brutally Funny - Not for the Faint-Hearted
Imagine you're a typical guy, cursed with a name usually given to a girl but otherwise unremarkable. Imagine you're still in high school and living a typical life: there's a girl who might be interested in you, and you're desperate for any female attention at all.

Then a pretty girl with an actual halo appears out of nowhere and tells you that your future self has done something terrible and God has sent her to kill you.

Which she does... repeatedly.

You see, one of her powers is to resurrect Sakura, as well as various other inexplicable powers. So, instead of assassinating him she tries to distract him so much that he'll never commit the future misdeed.

Unfortunately, Dokuro (whose name I read means "skull") considers violent dismemberment and death perfectly acceptable as distractions.

So begins a bizarre tale of possible romance interwoven with fountains of blood, terrifying class trips, angelic assassins with surprising weapons, and borderline S&M (watch the opening carefully), all to the tune of a real earworm: "Pi Piru Piru Piru PiPiru Pi" will echo in your head all day...

If you're not easily offended and don't mind suggestive humor that doesn't actually cross the line of showing frontal nudity or detailed gore you may well love this; otherwise, stay far away!