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Paradise Kiss

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Paradise Kiss Graphic Novel 1

Yukari wants nothing more than to make her parents happy by studying hard and getting into a good college. When she's kidnapped by a group of self-proclaimed fashion mavens, Yukari suddenly finds herself in the roller coaster life of the fashion world, guided by George, art-snob extraordinaire!

Paradise Kiss Graphic Novel 2

Though Yukari never expected it, she is now the new model for the student-clothing label, Paradise Kiss, and part of the fashion world. Her parents didn't expect it either - in fact, they forbid it. But Yukari continues to see her fashion friends and gets kicked out of her house!

Paradise Kiss Graphic Novel 4

The school fashion show is finally here and Yukari must give it all she's got to make it a success. Tensions run high as the stress of competition begins to take its toll on the Paradise Kiss posse. Trust and friendships are at stake as George's mysterious female friend shows up to lend support. Yukari must get beyond her feelings of jealousy and get on with the show in order to make it a success.

Paradise Kiss Graphic Novel Part 1

Yukari is a spirited high school senior in the process of studying for her college entrance exams, but the prospect of subjecting herself to a meaningless dull life leaves her feeling depressed about the future. In a bout of frustration, Yukari begins to ignore her courses and hang out with a group of fashion design students. But what Yukari doesn't know is that this circle is known as Paradise Kiss, and they are run by a pair of young designers already making their mark on the Asian scene.

Paradise Kiss Graphic Novel Part 2

A lot seems to be happening the life of Yukari Hayasaka. For starters, both her modeling career and her relationship with the enigmatic pretty boy George begin to take off. One day she's a normal high school girl, the next she stops attending classes and gets scouted by a modeling agency. Yukari thinks she has it all now that she has George and the rest of her new friends at the atelier. However, what will happen when she realizes that maybe her love with George isn't all that she fantasized it would be, and that she can't run from her real life forever?

Paradise Kiss Graphic Novel Part 3

Yukari has only days before she has to take to the catwalk as the teenaged members of ParaKiss head towards graduation. George is now making a name for himself by winning awards in the real world of high fashion. There is a real possibility of London or Paris calling to poach him from Tokyo, essentially taking him away from Yukari.

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