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Taxi Tonight/Diecovery Double Feature DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

Newlyweds Ton and Mook are looking forward to enjoying their honeymoon at a resort in the deep wilderness of Thailand. Beneath the tranquility and seclusion there is something waiting for them - something with most evil intentions.

Twenty-five years ago a young woman was brutally murdered at the very location Ton and Mook intend to visit. There, buried beneath a tree in the yard, a vengeful spirit waits. The couple unwittingly gets caught up in the wake of undead wrath! Now they must try to escape this ghostly nightmare and uncover the mystery in order to pacify this angry spirit's unrest.

Taxi Tonight
Bunmee buys himself a secondhand taxi from Mr. Tong. One day, he picks up a woman who suddenly disappears! Since then, Bunmee has been surrounded by mystery. All of his passengers see the spirit of the disappearing woman in his taxi. His nightmares become reality when he meets a woman living in a mysterious house. Now he must unravel the mysteries and learn the secrets buried deep within his taxi.

DVD Features: Original Trailers.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


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