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Fistful of Fuku DVD (S) LiveAction

A rock'em, sock'em exploitation feature gets a second pass through a twisted team of voice actors and the winner is audiences as both versions are presented on the same deluxe DVD!

Her mom's in prison, her dad's a mystery and all she's got to her name is a fuku skirt and a pocket full of stale breath mints. In fact, the only thing Saki has going for her is that she's fast... as in her fists, not as in "easy," (although she's that too). So when someone runs off with the prize money from her last fight, a destitute Saki finds herself in the odd position of defending a south-of-the-border noodle joint from the evil forces of Servicio Occupodo, his toothless henchman Pinchi Hoto, and their goon squad of Japanese wrestlers!

The worst cliches of the Far East and the Old West cross paths and get comfortably drunk together in the weirdest kung-fu panties and pasta comedy ever dubbed into English: A Fist Full of Fuku!

Special Bonus Feature:
When street-fighter Yuki gets into a fight in a shabby noodle shop, she thinks she's found a cheap way to get out of paying. Instead, she ends up joining the owner of the shop in fighting off the forces of an evil real estate agent!

When the baddest of the bad take on the goodest of the good, who will be the last one standing? Find out in the original, uncut and subtitled Combat Beauty!

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


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