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Armitage III: Poly-Matrix Movie DVD (D) - Geneon Signature Series

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Reviews of this title:

Thomas C. Woodward - Mar 25 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
a wonderful little cyberpunk title
Well to start off the english dialogue with keifer sutherland and elizabeth berkeley is BY FAR the best, and yes ive tried the other versions much to my dismay. There is some great character development here and in my book, an anime title who can't make you give a damn about the characters isn't worth seeing. A great musical score as well, you should enjoy this bittersweet title. Hats off to the american voice actors!

Ogie Doggie - Jul 29 2005
Rating: Pretty good!
This is the original 4 part OVA made into a movie and still a great story
This is just the original 4 part OVA but with some footage taken out and some new footage in (watch both and see if you can tell what they did because it does change the story a little bit).

This was written by the same person who wrote 'LAIN Serial Experiments', 'Bubblegum Crsis 2040'(the sequal to Bubblegum Crisis), and also worked on 'Hellsing'.

Although this has been compared to being kinda close to the storyline of 'Blade Runner' it actually has alot more to say about humans and robots and has alot more attitude and action. Just remember that in Blade Runner everything happens on Earth where as in Armitage III eveything takes place on Mars.

Also the main theme of Armitage III is: "A Machine becoming a Human and a Human becoming a Machine".

If you haven't seen this yet please do I highly recommend it!