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Pani Poni Dash! DVD 6 (Hyb): Chaos Cum Laude

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Reviews of this title:

Peter Giese - Oct 23 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
Lalalu~ Lalalu~ Sad to see it go.
The final Volume of Paniponi Dash was indeed a nailbiter! I'm sadden it's the last volume.

Episode 23 & 25 were like a two-parter, with 25 like a Evangelion/Gundam rip-off.

Episode 24 was a good'un. It's like I'm watching Samurai Champloo. 18th Century Japan was weird, in Becky's point of view.

Episode 26? I... rather not ruin it. It would ruin the opportunity to buy the DVD. (Plus I didn't see Ep. 26).

Overall, I give it an 8 1/2 out of 10.

Now if you'll excuse me, now that Paniponi Dash is over, I'll be in the rabbit hutch. (Lalalu~ Lalalu~...)

*End of review* "Maho!"