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Pokemon Advanced Challenge DVD 6 (D)

Includes 5 episodes:

Exploud and Clear
It's an evolution explosion when Treecko takes on a ear splitting Loudred!

Go Go Ludicolo!
Now that Ash has a Grovyle, Corphish is green with envy. Can Ash soothe its red-faced friend's feelings?

A Double Dilemma
On their way to the Petalburg gym, Ash and his friends get caught up in an unexpected fan frenzy!

Love, Petalburg Style!
Before Ash's match at the Petalburg Gym , Brock must patch things up between the Gym Leader and his wife!

Balance of Power
After training for a long time, Ash is ready for his rematch against Norman the Petalburg Gym Leader!

Spoken Languages: English.


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