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Manhwa Novella Collection 1: Lie To Me

This is the first volume of Netcomics' Manhwa Novella Collections, a monthly anthology of the most prominent Korean authors and their works. Volume 1 contains three of the most popular shorter works by one of the most famous shojo writers in Korea, Youngran Lee, including Lie to Me.

Lie to Me
Hyunjin pays the previous owner of her new apartment, Gangjae, a visit. Yet instead of getting him to pay for the overdue bills he's been neglecting, she receives the cold shoulder. So when Gangjae later gets into a car accident, and loses two months' worth of memories, thoughts of sweet revenge lead Hyunjin to pretend to be his girl friend.

But what happens when Gangjae recovers his memories? Will he never want to see her again, or will something else come of Hyunjin's expert lies and acting skills...?

Sleeping with the Enemy:
Already a notorious bad girl in her first year of high school, Myunghae goes on a group date where she meets a guy two years older than she is. The evening ends with an argument and Myunghae delivering a powerful kick to her date's knee. Just another night out, right? Right - until the very next morning, when Myunghae learns that the man she fought with is none other than her new math teacher! Will Myunghae survive his subtle tortures? Can she remain her rebellious self?

French Kiss:
Yoonha can't stand her narcissistic friend Jooyoung, especially when the latter picks on her weak-willed friend. So after one argument, when Jooyoung dares Yoonha to kiss anyone in the cafe where they're sitting, Yoonha can hardly back down. But the random stranger she walks up to just happens to be Joonsuh, an exceptionally good-looking yet naive guy. Her bold act draws Joonsuh to Yoonha - and what began as a mean-spirited dare takes an unexpected turn...


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