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Arcade Gamer Fubuki DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Tanya M. Weaver - Dec 25 2004
Rating: Not all that good.
Way to go Central Park Media...once again another great title...NOT!
My Synopsis: Fubuki is a teenage girl with polychromatic hair and a talent for arcade games. But she's not just an ordinary arcade gamer - for she has the ultimate accessory for arcade gamers: the Passion Panties! With these, she is able to be the best Arcade Gamer ever!

My Review: Yet another stupid anime from Central Park Media. Well, you can tell that its stupid from the title, right? Worng. It started out terrible, but this mockable anime turns out to be quite entertaining.

Verdict: **/***** STARS

Wish Master - Dec 28 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
Who knew something this dumb could be so funny?
The premise for this show is, for lack of a better term, ridiculous. A young girl trying to become the best gamer in the world, unleashes the magic powers within her panties to increase her gaming ability.

That being said, this is hilarious! Not only does it have have humor, but it's got a bit of drama, some action and even a little fanservice. Well, a lot of fanservice actually.