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We Without Wings DVD/Blu-ray Season 1 (Hyb) Limited Edition

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Reviews of this title:

Raffi Artinian - Feb 14 2014
Rating: Not all that good.
This was a random impulse buy I made based on a couple small clips posted on some anime forums. I came in expecting dirty humor and lots of nudity.

What I got instead was a story so confusing that I had to constantly have wiki open on my phone to make sense of anything. The fanservice, while present, was not enough to redeem the terrible pacing and storyline. It did have its funny moments but these were also few and far between.

On a scale of A to F i'd give this show a D-. You're scraping pretty low at the bottom of the barrel but you could end up with much worse.

Michael Spadaro - Feb 23 2014
Rating: Pretty good!
More than I expected
If you like your plots to be somewhat deep and enjoy fan service, you'll enjoy this. I know I did.