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Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles DVD (D)

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Reviews of this title:

bijou mijara - Jan 27 2007
Rating: Pretty good!
not to bad
this movie is pretty good for the most part and a definite must buy if you're a robotech fan. the movie starts off at about episode 23 of the next generation and takes it from there. the animation isn't bad but not good either. the cgs were either gorgeous or stuck out like a sore thumb for me. it's also good to see some returning characters from all three series and the sentinels but at the same time a lot of characters didn't even make a cameo appearance or anything. storyline was pretty good and they managed to somehow tell a story and still have everything fit into place. there is a definite ending but, i believe they left just enough open so that they can come out with another movie it they wanted to. although i thought this movie was pretty good, both my brothers left after an hour, one of my friend isn't going to buy it, the other is still considering. so, if you're unsure, rent first. overall, 8 out of 10.