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Lone Wolf 2100 Graphic Novel Omnibus (Color)

A young girl may hold the key to saving the world... or destroying it. A corporation wants her secret... no matter what it may be. Her only companion is an android... who is accused of killing her father.

Plunge into the dystopian world one hundred years in the future, where human-like "Emulation Constructs" fight to enjoy the same rights as their human creators, where the vast majority of the world's human population struggles to eke out an existence in a hostile landscape, and where both sides are victim to corporate whim and the deadly effects of a manmade plague.

Collects Lone Wolf 2100: Shadow on Saplings; Lone Wolf 2100: The Language of Chaos; and Lone Wolf 2100: Pattern Storm.

Story by Mike Kennedy and Art by Francisco Ruiz Velasco.


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