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First Squad: The Moment of Truth DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Jin B. H - Jan 6 2012
Rating: "Okay."
Shows potential for a series
The animation is solid, no moe, loli, ecchi, fan-service or any of the typical nonsense that ruins most anime and the story is interesting. Set in WW II, combining the supernatural with soldiers at war and occult spies. If this was an introduction OVA film for a series then the series should be good. However. The animation is interspersed with mockumentary "present day" sequences, where Soviet and German war veterans, historians and psychologists comment on real historical events and the events of the plot as if they were historical. This happens even at key moments in the film totally interrupting the flow of everything. I kind of see what they were going for, perhaps an attempt at something new, but it failed. Having seen over 250 anime series, OVA's and films from Japan I give this three stars for the effort, story and the animation. But the "mockumentary" idea was made of pure fail. Hopefully they make a series with animation only.