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Ys Book One DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

D.J. GRALZEN - Oct 15 2002 djgralzen@hotmail
Rating: Wonderful!
It brought tears to my eyes.
They did great justice to the game series. I heard a while back how the T.V. series got released in japan but there was no translation available. Now it's finally here after so many years. I hope the whole series gets released. I can't wait for the next volume.

Alan D. Ayoung - Oct 21 2002
Rating: Wonderful!
well it's about time
Finally justice has been brought to this role-playing series. I thought they would never release it in america. I'm very glad they did.

Nelson Sequeira - Mar 8 2003
Rating: Wonderful!
FROM the game to the anime...tried and true animation yet has a nostalgic charm.
I'd have to say that more games should be made into anime series. I bought this series solely based on the old games of yesteryear. I always loved to see it as a series (no matter if its short ). It's animation is good but has that olskool anime look so ppl looking for the best should turn away. This anime is for the fans and for ppl that are curious about the series.Also theres goin to be a remake of Y's book one and two for pc in the future.