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Case Closed Season 5 DVD Box Set (Hyb) - Viridian Collection

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Children Who Chase Lost Voices Blu-ray (Hyb)
Stan Sagan - Jul 24 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
It is about Makoto Shinkai evolving as an artist becoming the equal to Miyazaki
Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Makoto Shinkai was said to be, “the new Hayao Miyazaki.” After seeing the movie, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, I can see he has. I would put the movie having the young romance of Whisper of the Heart and Princess Mononoke with the pacing of Howl’s Moving Castle. One difference is that Mr. Miyazaki often has an ecological theme to his work, Shinkai is more about relationships.

In his first major work, Voices of a Distant Star, A young man is ever waiting for his girl to call him, as she goes further and further into space the wait becomes longer and longer. The longing, love and dedication to her are for me Voices was about. I often think that this work was prophetic in that American troops were having the same feelings, men and women, as tours of duty were added on and on. I was told that he did this work on his own home computer and all I thought was WOW!

In Lost Voices I see a more matured artist with a more complex story. Asuna, a young girl with a strange crystal for her radio is fascinated with the underworld. After meeting a boy she gets infatuated only to see him die. The journey that shefollows into the under world is just as strong as Bilbo’s in, The Hobbit, but much more personal with the relationships with the people she meets. You are left with the chance she may never come back, but that is part of the suspense.

I did have to remind myself that in Asian films, a love interest or relationship is not always a the happy ending. Sometimes it is tragic and some of this is in the film. A bit of the film near the end seemed a bit choppy, besides that, It is a wonderful film and one to go into my best of slot next to Miyazaki’s films at the store.

I would like to thank the former ADV and Sentai Productions for bringing us the works of Makoto Shinkai.
Saiyuki Reload Gunlock DVD 1 (Hyb) + Artbox
deion x. gray - Jul 28 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
it wqs really good my first artbox.
Its was really affordable and it was in good condition. I luv it