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Hellsing Ultimate DVD/Blu-ray Set 1 (Hyb) (Vols 1-4)

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I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided... Blu-ray Complete Coll. (S)
Jason W. Stanley - Sep 25 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
Funny series
A fun and funny series about what happens when Heroes and the heir to Demon Overlords can't complete their quests and have to deal with the real world. A great buy but not for me because it isn't hybrid. But to anyone else that loves subs and modern day fantasy I'd recommend this series highly.
Black Butler Body Pillow: Sebastian
Vanessa Visnovits - Sep 28 2014
Rating: Pretty good!
Not as big or bold of color as I thought
I still love this pillow, but it's not as big as I thought it would be, it still feels nice to hold though. It isn't as bold of colors and I thought I would see, it's a bit lighter the shades which is ok but not as awesome as pictured. I still love it because it is of good quality. I wish I could have gotten the come hither pillow though that was my first choice, I wonder if that would have been bigger? Oh well still an overall good quality, well built I plan on cuddling with it at night lol.
Kill la Kill DVD/Blu-ray 2 (Hyb) Limited Edition + Bonus DVD
Brandon Karcher - Sep 28 2014
Rating: "Okay."
A Product Marketed the Wrong Way
Let's face it. Kill la Kill is absolutely an amazing series that I recommend everyone watch. The packaging: Amazing. The art: Amazing. The postcards: highly collectible and Amazing. The poster: not that useful, an Audio CD of the soundtrack would have been more desirable. THE PRICE: TERRIBLE.

Everyone agrees: Aniplex absolutely undeniably sucks with their pricing in an American market. I am well aware that in Japan they market their discs at the exact same price for only 2 blu rays. The only problem here is that we are not in Japan, and we also don't all have the high economy that Japan has to be able to afford expensive things all the time.

Kill la Kill has 26 episodes I believe, so at $60 per volume it comes out to be $300-$360 depending on how they release them. Plus tax. Plus Shipping. I did it with Madoka, but never again. I don't understand how I can get Oreimo, packed with extras, and the complete season to boot from Aniplex for $60 but 4 episodes of Kill la Kill with 1/4 of the goodies for the same price.

All in all, if you want to watch the show, watch it legally for free on crunchyroll. If you want to break the bank, please buy it because it's awesome.