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Neo Ranga DVD 1 (Hyb): A God is Risen + Artbox

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Reviews of this title:

Scott E. Vigil - Aug 16 2004
Rating: Pretty good!
Well it is diffrent that much is certin
The thing about Neo Ranga that got me was the amazing amount of charecters that they itroduced in such a short period of time. This is fine but couple that with moving between the present and past and things kinda got confuzzing. At least for me. All in all though this show really is quite good. Give it time to pick up and pay very very close attention as things do change and do so quite fast at times. If you are looking for something out of the ordindary(espicaly in the ginat mostor genre) then Neo-Ranga should do quite well.

Handel S. Williams - Nov 17 2005
Rating: "Okay."
definitely confusing
I will admit that the preview of this show on other ADV discs is what made me buy it and once I start a show, I have to see it to the end unles it is utter trash. Neo Ranga started off strong and has much potential in the story. Problem is that somewhere in the middle, things got really fuzzy and the end was not very strong. The music is EXCELLENT and the voice acting is some of the better English talent I have heard. I watched it in English and maybe I need to watch it again in Japanese - but the thinpak if you really wanna see this.