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Strawberry Panic DVD 5 (S): Fifth Waltz

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Reviews of this title:

Otaku - Nov 19 2008
Rating: Pretty good!
A Very Satisfying Ending
Strawberry Panic is never the perfect drama and it’s not the perfect yuri series, it never tries to be though. Despite the incredibly slow beginning, this is a series that will slowly grow on you and before you realize it, you find yourself so emotionally invested in these characters that you can’t help but want to see them have their happy ending.

As with the conclusion of any series, audience members have to ask themselves not only were they satisfied but would they want to see more if offered the chance and here the answer is a resounding yes! By the end of this series, the audience is going to get plenty back for their investment of time and energy and will be left with a feeling of wanting to know and see more. If you’re looking for a strong drama, this is a good bet.