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Armitage III: Dual Matrix DVD (Hyb) (Feature Only)

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Reviews of this title:

Caleb R. Miles - Jun 29 2002
Rating: "Okay."
Not as good as the original
Set years after the original Ross and Armitage have a daughter. Armitage goes to earth for some reason (i was bored and not paying real good attenton)and fights the usual robot hating humans. I felt the original voice overs were much better. The art was much better in the original also. If you are a die-hard armitage fan then rent this one. i made the mistake of buying it when it first was released. Newer fans will enjoy this movie.

Bob D. Critic - Nov 24 2002
Rating: This sucked!
A bad story poorly told.
In all drama there are "idiot plots". These are stories that only work because most of the key characters act like idiots. This is one such. Add to that dramatic devices telegraphed and then overworked, and I was cheering for the villians to finish off the heroes and end the agony. Watched once and given away. A truly sad sequel to the excellent original OVA series.

Dark Angel - Dec 15 2002
Rating: Pretty good!
A lot of action...kept me awake
This was a pretty good movie. I liked it 'cause it had a lot of action. I didnt quite get the storyline of the movie until about 20 minutes into the movie but that was okay cause it had a lot of action which kept me awake. It had been a long time since I saw the previous Armitage movie which which was pretty good as well. I am about to purchase the OVA of Armitage, so I will give my option of that when I watch it. But this one was pretty good I give it a 7 out of 10.

C O - May 2 2003
Rating: Not all that good.
They spend all their time on animation and none on the story
If this is the first time you've seen Armitage III in this movie please go back and see the original 4 part OVA or even the first movie POLY-MATRIX (which was created from the 4 part OVA) - because they really short changed us on the story line in this DUAL-MATRIX.

After hearing about this new movie and waiting for 6 months to see it I was really pissed off to see how they spent so little time on the story (which is what admire so much about Japanese Anime).

Like Armitage goes off to Chicago back on Earth without telling Ross her husband who by the way use to live there and work for the local police Dept.

They even went and changed history cause Ross who in the first movie has half his body replaced by cyber parts (right arm and leg) now in this movie has NO cyber parts (you'll see this in the very end of the movie when he is standing in the water at the beach).

This is a great series that has real potential for growth - to bad we don't see it in this movie.

But it's still worth renting because they did do some good animation in this, just don't expect to have your mind challenge on this one.