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Lupin the 3rd

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Lupin The 3rd Episode 0: The First Contact DVD (S)

Lupin is after mafia boss Galvez's single most precious treasure: a treasure within a treasure! Jigen is Galvez's hired gun who fails to kill cat-burglar Lupin in his first attempt on the treasure and seeks revenge. Fujiko is the girlfriend of Lupin's rival, Brad. Zenigata travels from Japan to America to find and arrest Fujiko. Goemon seeks the almighty sword that cuts steel, Zantetsuken. This sword is mysteriously connected to the treasure in Galvez's vault... After a series of twists and turns, these complete strangers become acquainted in their "First Contact," an epic adventure!

Lupin the 3rd DVD (S) LiveAction

The Maccherone organization is out to get a priceless national treasure. But when they see third-generation cat-burglar Lupin as an obstacle, countless assassins are send to kill him on sight an kidnap his girl Fujiko! Can Lupin get the loot before the Maccherone gang, rescue Fujiko, and stay alive at the same time?

Lupin the 3rd Graphic Novel 12

When media stories about his heist come out before his heist, a rival thief who seems to predict his attacks appears, and an invisible man all get on his case, can the Lupin III get the upper hand on anyone? Find out in this new thrilling volume of verve, venom... and vampires. Yes, vampires. And you don't want to know what Lupin has to do to get rid of that affliction.

Lupin the 3rd TV DVD 1 (Hyb): The World's Most Wanted

As the world's most wanted thief, Lupin travels the globe seeking exotic treasure, lovely ladies and good times. Interpol Inspector Zenigata, chases him through every country, vowing to capture Lupin. Yet, Zenigata's traps never seem to work out in his favor... Will Lupin's sexy and mysterious rival Fujiko help Lupin in his next heist... or lead him into Zenigata's next ambush?

Lupin the 3rd TV DVD 12 (Hyb): The Flying Sword

Lupin and his gang are robbed, beaten, jailed and entrapped by villains, officials... even seemingly benevolent billionaires! At each twist and turn they rely on Lupin's resilience and strategy to stay alive, but this time around Lupin's invincibility is constantly tested. With this kind of pressure, how long can Lupin keep his cool and stay alive?

Lupin the 3rd TV DVD 13 (Hyb): All's Fair in Love and Thievery

This explosive volume contains everything imaginable from a master thief like Lupin. He overcomes a face-off with both a deadly assassin and a criminal mastermind who transforms himself into a Lupin look-a-like. Later, Lupin and the gang are slipped a knockout drug and wake up finding themselves shrunk to the size of their thumbs and surrounded by murderers.

Lupin the 3rd TV DVD 14 (Hyb): For Larva or Money

Lupin and the gang travel around the world stealing the finest treasures. Cracking the unbreakable safe of "supernational" bank is just for starters, then the crew raise the Tokugawa Era's golden cannon from the deep sea by Japan.

Lupin the 3rd TV DVD 15 (Hyb): Thievin' Ain't Easy

Master thief Lupin sets his sights on the jewelry collection of a millionaire playboy whose brides don't seem to be able to survive the wedding. Then, in a slight turn of events, Lupin takes time out of his busy schedule to rescue a political leader from a nation torn by civil war.

Lupin the 3rd TV DVD 2 (Hyb): Love Heist

The adventures get wilder, the scenery more exotic and the disguises more Zenigata-like! Lupin and pals criss-cross the globe as they outwit a psychotic horse-racer, help a master escape artist fulfill his legacy and spend Christmas with a priceless bottle of wine! And just about everyone gets to impersonate Zenigata!

Lupin the 3rd TV DVD 3 (Hyb): Family Jewels

Lupin and his pals run afoul of fake gems, cursed jewels and rare stones in their latest capers! Fujiko nearly gets married, zombies come out to play and just for a switch, someone's impersonating Lupin! From San Francisco to Jamaica, Inspector Zenigata is determined to capture Lupin, whether he committed the crimes or not!

Lupin the 3rd TV DVD 4 (Hyb): Thieves' Paradise

Lupin is such a nice guy, but everywhere he goes, he runs into trouble! After "appropriating" a birthday present for Fujiko, helping Goemon avenge his slain mentor, and accepting a challenge from the world's leading safe manufacturer, Lupin, Jigen and the rest end up on in a paradise filled with beautiful women - who are all out to kill Lupin!

Lupin the 3rd TV DVD 6 (Hyb): Lupin the Target

While Lupin and his gang aim to steal money from every bank in Paris, a beautiful detective vows to take revenge on Lupin for her grandfather. Also, Lupin challenges to steal the secret of a treasure hidden on the back of beautiful Scandinavian twin sisters which appear only during certain times of the midnight sun.

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