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Banner of the Stars II DVD Complete Collection (Hyb) (Anime Legends)

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Reviews of this title:

B W. BODDY - Aug 15 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Spectacular !
his is replacing the review that somehow has gone missing.. This gives me the chance to re-write and expend upon my previous review. This review Covers CREST of the STARS / BANNER of the STARS / BANNER of the STARS II / and the OVA

It’s a great adventure tale Spanning 3 Seasons, Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars, Banner of the Stars II and a prequel OVA about lafiels parents.

It’s about the lives of two young people, Jinto and Lafiel, they meet, than they’re hated, then they’re hunted, than they fight together against a common enemy, than lastly a fight against time itself, with lots of action in between.

This is, or I at least will say it is, A Space Opera, Grand in it’s scope but intimate in it’s Main focus Of the love story of Jinto & Lafiel.

Oh and there are Space Battles, lots of those…Many Space Ships are destructed in battles ( including the one they’re on )

I hold this Anime in a special place in my heart, because this is the one. This is the Anime Series that started it all for me, Thanks to this Series I have greatly enjoyed the interest in Anime this Series started.