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Patlabor TV Series DVD Collection 3 (9-11) DVD (Hyb)

Big guns and bigger robots aren't the only thing that Noa needs to be a top-notch policewoman. But after she wrangles a crafty thief without the aid of her forty foot tall robot suit, Noa realizes they sure make the job a lot easier! But this comic caper is just the tip of the iceberg, because while Noa is trashing half the city (all in the name of justice, of course!), scientists have invented a new giant robot suit, and Noa's mecha Alphonse is looking obsolete in comparison. How can she prove that Alphonse is still the best police robot (and friend) that a girl could ever have?

And let's not forget the menace of the Griffin, an ebony mecha with a mean-streak a block wide who's gunning for Alphonse! Gunfire and emotions burst out of control... perhaps for the last time!

Contains episodes 35-47.

DVD Features: Sketch Gallery, Concept Art Gallery, Patlabor: The Mobile Police Trailers, and Previews.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English Subtitles.

Anime Today
*Episode #43 - Interview with John O'Donnell, the co-founder and managing director of Central Park Media (CPM)

  • Format - Hybrid

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