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Saiyuki Reload DVD 1 (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Dominique H. Boyer - Apr 5 2005
Rating: Not all that good.
dubbed voices are terrible!
I could not get into the movie because the dubbed voices were terrible! Sanzo sounded like an old man, Goku sounded like an adult immitating a teenager's voice, Hakkai...they made him sound so feminine! The only decent one is Gojo's voice! I didn't care for the opening or the ending trailer! I really enjoyed the first season series and was really excited to see the start of the second, but now, I am just plain disappointed!

Erica L. Paulsen - May 20 2005
Rating: Not all that good.
Beware if you loved the first half of the series
As a huge fan of the first half of the Saiyuki series, I found the second half to be beyond dissapointing. The voices are not of the original English cast, and do not fit with the characters at all. Also the pronunciation of the characters names is very poor. I have been so dissapointed by this that I have yet to even purchase the second disk, unlike the first half of the series when I would buy the new disks the day they would be released. The only reason I will eventually continue to purchase the rest of the series is so it will be complete.